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Updated 4/18/19

Q: What is the current status of the DiH repress? I wasn’t able to purchase last time around and I’m feeling antsy!

A: I’ve completed the licensing with Sony. The jackets and labels are printed and have shipped to RTI, where we are in the queue for pressing. I’ll have records and start taking orders somewhere around June 1. Possibly sooner. No exact date is set yet but I’ll certainly communicate it to you when i know!


Q: You doing anything special or different with this second pressing?

A: Yes. This batch will be 180g blue vinyl.


Q: When it becomes available, where do I go to buy it?

A: You’ll want to visit my Big Cartel store.


Q: I ordered a DiH vinyl from you at your last sale on January 6. It all worked out. I received the record, but I never did receive an order confirmation. Have you resolved that so others, in the future, don’t suffer the same anxiety that I did?

A: Yes.


Q: If I have a problem with my order, where’s the best place to reach you to resolve?

A: Please use [email protected] I check it often. The addy currently tied to my Big Cartel store is [email protected] That’s a less good address to use. Big Cartel uses that addy to send me notices that an order has been placed. So if I sell 500 records, I suddenly have 500 emails in the in-box. Please use [email protected] for communications related to your order, if needed. It’s a tidy, happy place and I can see and think when I’m in there.


Q: I missed out on the last opportunity. Is that first pressing indeed sold out?

A: Yes it is. I still have a few copies left at my bar (The Loose Cobra, Tolono, IL). But I am done doing mail order as it relates to that first pressing. Hang in there…a second pressing is coming soon!


Q: How will I know when the next batch is avail for purchase?

A: I’ll post on Facebook and update here as well.


Q: Will you take pre-orders for this next pressing?

A: Not sure. After giving it some thought, I might prefer to get the records here, box them up, and then just start taking orders and shipping immediately. I don’t really like sitting on other people’s money for long periods of time. It gives me anxiety. On top of my normal anxiety. Which is already resting on a solid foundation of anxiety.


Q: You’re a fucking idiot.

A: I know it.


Q: I can buy the first pressing on the secondary market for $165. Should I do that?

A: I wouldn’t. The next batch will sound just as good. Hang in there.


Q: I messaged you recently on Facebook. Did you get it?

A: Not likely. I’ve been hiding from the band Facebook account for the most part. I’ll post on occasion to share info but then i scurry away and hide.