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These guys would be more than happy to climb down those stairs and beat your ass. Look for their debut EP Here Comes Forever, available nationally September 13.


Dibiase: “Hails from Dark Places”

Dibiase: “12 Pound Tooth”


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DIBIASE – Here Comes Forever Trailer


Dibiase is a four-piece industrumental phenomenon hailing from Collinsville, IL (which is a small traverse east of St. Louis). While there are many elements to their sound; precision riffing, drones, loops and noise, subtle (and not so subtle) dynamic and rhythmic shifts, the band’s signature is most often found in cascading waves of rumbling down tuned open chords.

Dibiase started as a side project by (Ring, Cicada) guitarist Dave Goodman in 2002.  The current lineup consisting of other very notable musicians from the metro east have been sharing the stage with such acts as HUM, The Life and Times, and Juicifer just to name a few.  Additionally the band has been playing the midwest scene with eyes on more extensive touring in the very near future.

Presently, the band is readying it’s debut EP, Here Comes Forever, for a midsummer release 2011 on Matt Talbott’s Earth Analog records.  In addition a pair of music videos and a DVD with live performances are being prepped for release late summer.  Special limited edition 180 gram vinyl to follow.