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Earth Analog Records is a record label dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of analog recordings from appropriately minded artists. An emphasis is placed on performance and process. While it is nearly impossible to avoid some digital intervention in the making and distributing of music, we do our best. Basic tracks for our records are cut on tape and mixed to tape. From there, we use only analog processing during mastering.

That said, we embrace any distribution solution and playback format that suits our listeners. We won’t chastise you for listening to mp3s or streaming music on your computer. Hence, our music is offered in many formats. But we hope that, regardless of format, our emphasis on analog recording, mixing, and mastering, and our eschewing of digital editing and processing, will facilitate for you a uniquely rewarding listening experience.

I think another way to put this might be that we are seeking a high-fi, audiophile grade experience here, except with music that is actually listenable.

Earth Analog Records is a sister company to Earth Analog, a recording studio owned and operated by Matt Talbott in central Illinois.