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Welcome To Earth Analog Records

Visit the “about us” page to, well, learn about us. Short version: this is a record label affiliated with Matt Talbott’s recording studio. Stuff like that.

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Check back to my store on Monday morning, 10:00, cst. I’ll be selling our latest Hum shirts and tour posters…remaining stuff from our recent tours of the coasts. While your shopping for Hum shirts, please consider supporting my label by purchasing the new Dibiase record. It’s super heavy/pretty instrumental riff-rock. I recorded and mixed it all to tape at my studio and I hope you’ll give it a peek. Thanks so much for your generous and kind support of Hum, my label, my studio, and Dibiase!

I am so pleased to announce the release of  Dibiase’s new LP When Everything Means Nothing, recorded and mixed by yours truly, entirely to tape.  The record was mastered at Sterling Sound, NY, using only analog technology, and the lacquers were cut directly from analog masters. No computers were injured or turned on during the creating of this entirely analog artifact, with the exception of when I needed to send the occasional email. Or update this website. Etc. Shipping now!


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Life and Times (chicago)
Sweet Cobra (Chicago)
Electric Hawk (Chicago)
Redleg (Champaign)

Loose Cobra (Matt’s freaky little dive bar in Tolono, IL)

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